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Advanced Projects Portfolio - Fuel Systems

High Performance & High Mileage Fuel Systems Research & Development

In fact we have in our intellectual property database vault over 2,000 patents on fuel system technology, which is integrated in the National-Turbo Fuel Systems Continuum dedicated to :

High Performance & High Mileage Fuel Systems Research & Development

The Fuel Systems Continuum, offers personal and financial privacy to inventors, protects Intellectual Property and Rights, in addition to the Inventive genius at work, with related companies, business trusts, jurisdiction, related capital structure and securities, where required, voting trusts, prospectus, financial transactions, secure R&D facilities, and potential for experimental and applied research and development (R&D) in a greater continuum of engine and vehicle projects, such as Battlegroup-301 Incorporated and Comeau-Aerospace Inc. Investment, Contribution, Development and Acquisition of technology can be made through or or

The brilliant creative imagination, industrious work ethic and genius of people dedicated to creating new wealth, products and services, goes forward with tenacity and resolution.

The technological and performance revolutions and every strategic, operational and tactical advantage possible, in addition to enhanced efficiency and economies of scale with custom mass advanced manufacturing and assembly, require focus, creative imagination, thinking and a hands on approach. This includes, a solid competence with geometry, mathematics, fractions, multi-physics, mechanics, materials, processes and related technological capabilities, real infrastructure to make it happen.

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The Fuel Systems Continuum
● Imagine having a private stock market for fuel systems;
for Investors, Intellectual Property & Intellectual Capital;
zero tax & non reporting, plus conventional options;
invest in or contribute to manufacturing, production & assembly;
invest in or contribute to experimental and applied research;
invest in or contribute to general or specific engine, vehicle and fuel systems;
invest in or contribute to new vehicle & automotive enterprise in Canada;
invest in or contribute to acquire something specific;
optimize a specific engine fuel system, new, retrofit, auxialiary or totally new;
zero accredited investor status required;
conditional sales & acquisition contracts;
specific vehicle, engine & fuel systems combination under develoopment;
Made in Canada - secure supply chain;
Everyday vehicles, machinery, boats, general aviation airplanes, commercial and military, space and aerospace, new and retrofit, racing engine and fuel sytems, everyday fuel systems…and something totally awesome…

find out about fuel, technology & legislation for and against extreme efficiency and performance of fuel systems, this includes your vehicle…

There is nothing else remotely like the Fuel Systems Continuum on this planet, imagine combustion thermo-physics V anything else…

- the most awesome Capital Structure and Securities available;
- integrated with : : : : : : for more fuel systems