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Climate Change Notes

You can also note: Many people believe that the global climate agreement was based on science fraud, evidently many people are unaware that plants require carbon - as in carbon dioxide, to make oxygen, otherwise life would cease to exist without carbon, we are carbon based life forms in case you did not know, or experienced an alien mind wipe or somehow was deceived by mass media or have been a victim of a dumbed down education. Governments claim to be science based, but like COVID, lies, deception, propaganda, special interest, follow the money, follow the crime, treason and genocide, and debt and slavery, is a lot more accurate, especially with for real investigative journalism on all kinds of extremely relevant topics such as this and many more.

People worried about global warming and climate change, never talk about the microwave nuking of the environment with cell phone towers, smart meters, cell phones, wifi routers, microwave satellites and all that exciting can't live without it technology, which kills of the reproductive capacity of all life (except for mold, which mysterious grows exponentially)…as in "ELE" extinction level event…keep reading, today is your lucky day.

None of the governments, political parties or candidates or people who agree with the global climate agreement, have promoted any of these fuel system companies, or invested in any of the technology, nor have any corrupt practices been utilized to our advantage to promote or pass the corresponding and related agreements or otherwise. In fact, we like to burn fuel, we like engines that burn fuel, it’s exciting, just like “it’s a great day to be motorcar racing!”

So with an ideal independent and shared vision, whether someone invests or not, buys or not, we will continue to burn fuel and develop engines that burn fuel, and work with those who have interesting aerospace, aircraft, marine, automotive and machinery projects because we want to and we can....

Naturally, we recognize some people are against burning fossil fuels, this is understandable, but it is not going to go away overnight.

The secret of Water is hydrogen - unlimited clean super fuel
If you want to consider alternatives to fossil fuels, how about
Hydrogen, with oxygen, also known as air for typical applications, when burned creates water vapour, like rain clouds that drop rain…

Since we are talking about water just a little bit, you may want to acquire a water distiller.

Since hydrogen is not usually on the main burner of mass media, except for occasional cold fusion or hydrogen fuel cell technology, (control freak a la carte) maybe the back burner of an individual interested in creativity, but it really could go to the after-burner of creative imagination and pro-active invention starting with the simple components and development to something awesome and more comprehensive…we are not so obviously doing this now, and a multimillion dollar lab is not required and this can be mass deployed for home energy and heating systems, just so you know.

Tough questions for you to consider…

Since climate change and green technologies get so much media coverage, why not take the lead out of jetfuel? Do you have any idea of how bad lead is in the environment and what it does? Unleaded fuel for automobiles, but not jet planes, hmmm, where most of the leaded fuel is burned by the tanker load in the atmosphere…

Why do aircraft get weaponized to create chem trails for weather control and toxic assault against all life including reproductive, mental, physical health with enforced genocide and acts of war against all life? Multiple class action litigation anyone, or simply launch a few stealth hypersonic missles from the stock pile, that is the question, right?

Why is the aerotoxic cabin air of jet engine bypass air enforced on crew and passengers?

Why is sociopathic genocide behaviour against the human race so aceptable? Hmmmm

Why so little discussion in the media? Oh yes, look who owns, controls, votes and edits the media…please see in case you want to know what the government and mass media does not want you to know….

You won't hear about that energy conversion secret of the gods either, as that is like "free energy" hmmm, independence, health, freedom, rerouting financial resources to something more productive, another non-starter. Lots of investing hype for 5G genocide technology and the weaponization of space sponsored by corporate and government sociopaths. 5G news, censored by big tech mass media, that is owned, controlled, voted and edited by who ? Maybe it is time to censor those who censor, eh?

Nobody talks about the neuro toxin MMT in fuel either. Did you know MMT is another genocide tool to induce central nervous system damage? Do you know about the NAFTA investor state provisions and financial losses litigation if a government legislates with financial pro forma pollute and plunder "forecasts" are affected detrimentally? There is
prize to whoever knows how much the Canadain government settled with what California company about MMT and for how much? apparently Irving does not have MMT, hurray, any news on that?

So yes, there are problems burning fuel, but some things can be rectified for sure, only with a more nationalist pro-life government. If you want to know the remedies for asthma due from vehicle exhaust especially at border crossings and major highways and busy streets, please contact us. If you want to reduce automotive vehicle pollution by about 70% quickly, cheaply and reliably, please contact us. See, all that is not in the news, health, freedom, independence, inventions, real measurable progress….custom made and mass production…

Yes everything is national security, at least the designated revenue stream is, and the excuse to go to war, right?

The Electric Car Industry:
Many people are aware and believe that a specific electric car company (Tesla) has been promoted by someone who high jacked the family name and committed identity fraud (what else is new) with the greatest electrical engineering genius of all time, Nicolai Tesla. Nicolai Tesla was about freedom, independence and totally awesome, without a doubt the pre-eminent example of what the "god of electricity" could be like, and if not a god, certainly an individual entity with genius beyond capabililties of most in this current era of earth experience since the last ice age. After all, Nicolai Tesla helped Albert Einstein with his math…

Electric cars are not about freedom, with an over dependence on technology, remote control, remote disabling and kill switch protocols, the battery technology and recharging racket, in addition to the magnitude of problems from toxic bio-weapon rare earth materials utilized, EMF fields, the growing electro-sensitive population and electronic/computer burnout with the over computerization and technocratic control freak agenda and the mass hackability of the autonomous self driving car which leads to….assasination technology with no accountability, like how cool is that….?

More tough questions about electric and self driving cars…

So far, which nobody seems to know, how will insurance rates be determined?

Who is liable, who is responsible, what happens when a "computer glitch" assasinates the driver or someone else? How is that proven or hidden? How will the car "testify" or how will the car pay tickets and so on? Don't assume these cars can't get tickets. Certainly people can be prevented from leaving their zone of control, aka the kill zone.

Yes, mass media probably will never discuss autonomous car technology, legal and bio-hazards, at least to the extent of other endless liberal fascist distractions….and certainly never about sociopathic massive 5G satellite deployment that can endlessly torture and kill by pain, physical death or "invisible genocide" by the "invisible rascist enemy", a veritable war technology, weapons of mass destruction. Yes, looky looky eh.

The Cultural Marxist Imbeciles
Take a look at the university and college white guilt genocidal cultural marxist crowd who are totally anti technology and against industry, unless it involves crime, genocide, treason, war, immorality and corruption, as it relates to nation state sovereignty, in fact most of the awesome things in the world have been invented by white people, the Aryan race. You never hear the university college professor crowd talking about fuel systems, only how evil you are if you drive a vehicle that burns fuel or get married and have a real family with family values, the robot crowd have not invented anything except diversity in fear, guilt, deception and genocide and immorality, and maybe advanced bullshit accelerators, (SHTF tech) certainly not anything about unlimited individual creative imagination, pure ability and being in your zone, or the transformation of consciousness, understanding and creative power. That observation with mountains of "empirical evidence" and propaganda mind control of control freak official consensus, appears to apply to mainstream mass media phenomena also. Check out the "
Council of European Canadians"

Until then, shoot the gas! After all carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are transformed by plants creating oxygen, right?

Did you get the point? Is that down to earth enough for you? Does that qualify for the kick ass Canadian blog?

Who will you vote for? Climate change fraud official bogus story and control freak anti industry and anti-freedom carbon tax scam? (They obviously do not talk about any of the fuel system companies here…) Or visionary creative individual imagination that has the inherent capacity to invent with brilliant technical genius out of thin air and make everything else obsolete on the way to building the most advanced civilized civilization in the history of the world? Hmmmm, Do you like the storey of the straight white nationalist who became an overnight billionaire without "political corruption" and zero publicity and zero acknowledgement from the media or
major political parities?

Imagine how it would feel to have magnitudes of technology that already renders everything obsolete, only to do that again on an even more awesome magnitude of scale…imagine a 1.5 trillion dollar industry in the palm of your hand…your portfolio, your investment advisor, your wealth management firm, well, imagine they don't really know anything about it, like zero, and you will be closer to reality than you can imagine in a moment of frozen time…what will you do? A whole lot of nothing?

Some people are amplified in arrogant judgemental self righteousness concerning climate change. What about the peculiar orbit of the moon, or planets or even of earth and how that orbit may be longer or further from or closer to the sun…

How about weather control technology enabled and augmented by microwave communication/weapon systems? (the real weapons of mass destruction - a military developed bio-weapon also know as a directed energy weapon) ;

What about chem trails, or sun cycles, or other galactic super waves and space based phenomena and cycles so vast and infinitely powerful?

What about polar shifts, magnetosphere energy fields and the independent, inter-dependent and integrated cycles of time in terrestial, space based, multi-magnetic, muti-dimensional phenomena…no, only _________.

Does anyone know about the Serbian geophysicist and astronomer Milutin Milankovich, known for the Milankovich cycle from the 1920s, whose theory of axial tilt variation had corresponding cyclical effects concerning solar radiation reaching Earth, which influence climate conditions. Essentially as a decreasing tilt leads corresponds with warmer winters and colder summers, which is generally a cooling effect on a planetary scale which can be extreme. What about that eh? Do your research…

What about mischievous out of phase entities, the programs of destiny or even God…what does God do when the overwhelming earth population is evil? Does he send the aliens? Or do they just say, hmmm, enough of that! Laugh now while you can…maybe you can chill out for a while in the next ice age, or enjoy the view of planetary volcanic dust clouds and the reality that we had about twice the snow last winter and the people that mismanaged water level control in dams with their know it all computer that could not outperform whitey the old timer with his basic water management intuition and experience…do you like consensus now?

What about multi astral aura realms of the earth? Never heard about or experienced it? How do they affect the present space time continuum in this timeline? You really don't know do you? Could you imagine…

What about other geo-physical realities that could exist in other dimensions or space time continuum that could affect ours? Is that impossible? Is that possible?

What about the weaponized, hacked or super imposed over control of microwave towers, smart meters aka spy n crime meters, and 5G technology that can be utilized to create sickness, disease, pain, terror, death and endless heat or other thermal effects both internal and external? These are being utilized now in Europe to light up and incinerate churches by insolent characters of sociapathic states of zero conscience except for endless crime, treason, genocide and war, things like that. Microwave satellites and more corrupt crime, treason, genocide, war and immorality on the big screen, any news on that and how that equates with global warming? We did not have a problem until that arrived on the scene, right? Weather control, targeted incineration, basic things known to people into advanced or not so advanced combustion thermophysics, like that is so obvious. Oh yeah right, this paragraph was and is all highly classified intel, sorry, mea culpa, and yes my latin is very good…incinerating churches is a great way to start religious and race wars by the enemy, more proxy war at the push of a button or command code.

What about the ship frozen in ice in the middle of the summer up north full of climate change global warming fanatics that had to be rescued for the sum of about $2.5 million, any word on that? Or how about these recorded ice age cycles of about 90,000 to100,000 years? Records indicate maybe 17 to 22 global events. Eh?

Plastic is out of control, so are microwaves, cell phones cooking your brain and body from the inside out but don't worry your frontal cortex and memory will be fried with all other DNA and life, the walking dead actually is about the microwave nuking of people, stupid, weak, infertile, sick and diseased, are you sure you want to continue the arguement of anthropological global warming, or what ever you want to call it.

White guilt for white technology eh? OK, you and first nations and all "people of colour" who blame whitey the western nations, can give up all your white technology and everything will be perfect and wonderful, like it was in the beginning, right?

Did you invest in the plastic accumulator technology for oceans? Yes or No. Or plastic recycling facilities, technology or anything like that? Yes or No…one ply or two, that is the question, cycle, bus, walk or drive? What about it eh? The UN handler anti-white cultural marxist will self destruct, you will have a melt down, it will increase global warming, it will be your fault for getting excited and blowing your top, all steamed up eh?

Hmmm What about the railway industry, trains, steam trains, like the new
As-Garde electro-dynamic steam locomotive (co- development with Battlegroup-301 Incorporated) that burns zero fuel with massive power, torque and speed? Did you invest in that? No? What about fuel systems? Super Atomized Fuel Systems Inc., Vapour Induction Fuel systems Inc., Super Carburetor Inc. Maybe you prefer more of a typical gas guzzler?

Don't like burning fossil fuel? What about the
Icosahedron Hydrogen Generator Fuel Systems Inc.? A little too advanced for you? What is the matter, carbon tax got your tongue? You did not know that combining two gases could make a liquid, right? Amazing eh? Why not separate them, burn them, create power and condense them to repeat the cycle over and over, on demand with no limitations?

There are no limits to stupidity or arrogance…now let's see how far we can go with creative imagination…and the arsenal of democracy, like news media that is pro-Canadian, pro-active, pro-life? Peace, Order and Good Government and great technological inventions…

Think you can handle that? You survived the election, but what about the next ice age, the age of invention, Canada's golden age, or the open door of opportunity? Fortune favours the bold, providence, prosperity, productivity favours audacity, creativity and effort directed to create the most exciting future life possible, right now!

What will you do? Make effort or excuses? Optimism or doom and gloom pessimistic, defeatism, pre-emptive social programming with global fear and hysteria of programmed robots serving someone else's agenda…with you as the expendable pawn?

Will you choose something more up to speed, empowering, supportive, exciting, awesome, visionary, practical and relevant?

What about it eh? Nobody could have guessed about becoming an overnight multi-billionaire, or that a $100 billion can do a lot of research and development, design engineering, advanced manufacturing and Made in Canada and exponential, synergistic and synchronistic providential events that could transform life in every way imaginable…at least for those in the driver's seat.

Additionally, since run-on sentences are some of my favourite things, and
since we don't believe in antropogenic climate change global warming doom and gloom, lies, deception and misrepresentation or fancy PR firms that deceive and manipulate like some people we know, we don't have a guilt complex for burning fossil fuel or any kind of fuel, nor do we believe in other mind control super imposed social engineering de-industrialization efforts by enemies foreign and domestic, we are a whole lot smarter than that…it doesn't take a rocket scientist, it takes an honest person who knows about basic things like truth, photosynthesis, and the ability to identify narcissistic and megalomaniac genocide maniacs to tell the difference…like we are carbon based life forms and the war on carbon is a war on life…and certainly real intelligence in addition to divine inspiration, conversations and revelation from God Almighty, can outsmart Artificial Intelligence and corresponding robots, and also spot the lies and deception as well as operating algorithms, enemy tactics, CGI characters and robots in the crowd, even a dog can do that, woof woof…(yes, there will be a war and genocide against dogs) that is why you should let your dog take you for walks more often and let you drive his truck or UFO or that totally awesome SSTO UFM that is hidden in plane sight, and if hindsight was 20/20 you would have invested a long time ago and had zero tax zero reporting, fuel dividends and the opportunity to have extreme mileage high performance fuel systems, but no, you have to do it the hard way and complain about carbon tax and the high cost of living, not realizing that the war started by WEF and WHO is because Canada's Mystery Billionaire is simply not interested in the status quo and really is a down to earth ultra nationalist Made in Canada, nation state sovereignty type of guy, and really does not like traitors and genocide maniacs, globalists and geopolitical imperialism, technocracy and endless attacks on freedom, privacy, family and enterprise or health sovereignty or the endless lies about climate change, and that is why you never read or hear about him in the mass media controlled by enemies foreign and domestic…so do what you want, there are no sexy photos, hypnosis or subliminal messages and fancy art or crazy pop music artists with subliminal sound tracks to do bad things and control you, no way, freedom of choice, honesty, integrity, the real authentic deal, not an alphabet agency double agent, the real deal, vision, ambition and nation building, and like some people say, you are either in or your out…and you already know what to do…

Do what you want, it's your move…